75 Degree Design Studio was born out of the love for transporting someone into a world outside of their own. Specializing in restaurant design, each destination is driven by the concept of the client and the vision is to create unique, evocative experiences. Approaching each design with this ethos allows for every restaurant to have their own individual voice.

katy curtis

Katy Curtis


Leading the helm is Katy Curtis. With almost 20 years of experience working with top 100 Architectural Firms across the country, she has designed a multitude of spaces across various platforms including but not limited to restaurants, hotels, commercial offices, and residential homes. She has extensive experience in all aspects of the design, ranging from conceptual design, schematics, kitchen equipment, lighting design, construction documentation, specifications, purchasing, and construction administration. She has the ability to create a project from conception to completion including the technical knowledge to develop detailed drawings as well as manage the project throughout construction. With all the skills under her belt, she loves creating restaurants that resonate with the owners and their customers.